T3 Micro is a global producer of luxury hair tools with headquarters in Venice, CA. Stratos Lab was retained to deliver strategy and execution on a new brand direction, ecommerce channel growth, and multiple new product launches.

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Brand Immersion

Stratos Lab led executive and marketing teams through our proprietary brand immersion process where we worked together to update the identity, voice, and messaging of the overall brand to support a new content strategy rollout, which is personified in the brand guidelines document we delivered.


Whirl Trio Microsite

In support of the launch of their new product, the Whirl Trio, we designed and developed this immersive microsite. The primary goal was to create a stronger emotional connection with customers by demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of the product. This was a major departure from the previous messaging strategy, which focused primarily on technology.


Customer Acquisition

We delivered a complete strategy to hep T3 reach their goal of online sales accounting for 25% of revenue. Our strategy included earned, owned, shared, and paid components, as well as an overhauled content strategy and major updates to their ecommerce platform.


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